Photography is painting with light.
It has endless potential to transform your brand into something that lives and breathes.
But this requires a constant infusion of the newest techniques.

Over my earlier three years in work after graduation, stage, television and film were my sandbox in exploring lighting effects for projects that were at times consumed by thousands of people. Having worked with elaborate set-ups and people across departments, I am humbled to have personally experienced how my work fits into a bigger picture and to build rapport and communicate with my team. This lends me confidence in managing large-scale commercial photography projects.

My experimental approach has helped fashion magazines like Catalog Magazine, Juice, Nylon, Teenage, Marketing Magazine, and Wedding Porter create a fresh look that captures the essence of their style.

It has also resonated with brands outside the fashion industry, such as Magnum, McDonald’s, SilkAir, Diageo, Samsung, Land Transport Authority, Wendy’s and POND’S.

11 years on, I continue searching for brands who dare to try something new while fulfilling my mission in the arts.

The arts is where I widen perspectives and inspire people to empathise with the Other - fellow human beings who may come from different backgrounds but are equally deserving of respect and love.